We pioneer 

We are proud to introduce you to Pioneer Marine Group of Companies (“Pioneer Marine”), our colleagues and our business vision. Pioneer Marine has undergone a remarkable revolution since its inception in 2013 while we sought  to become important players in the drybulk sector, owning and managing a fleet of modern and well maintained geared dry-bulk carriers.

2021 was a pivotal year for our organ as we manager to successfully complete the Management Buy-Out of the Group Companies and at the same time, we delivered strong commercial and economic results for our clients.

Our Mission is to be the selected partner among peers based on performance, relationships, personal leadership and safety while committed to the industry’s objective towards “Green Shipping”. This paves the daily guidelines for our qualified and experienced personnel, where responsibility, personal leadership, performance and safety are essential elements, for our transparent relationship with Pioneer’s business partners. With many decades of combined shipping experience, Pioneer Marine’s staff embodies the necessary qualifications for developing and adjusting to the rapidly and ever ongoing changes in market conditions.

We serve leading clients daily in the international shipping markets and aim to continue doing so, always emphasizing the importance of inversting in our employees, our top-class assets and in new business methods to secure an environment of operational excellence. We recognize the importance of staying loyal to our ethical practices, values and preparing our organization towards a zero-emission future.

We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve, which is to further expand our platform of owned and managed dry-bulk carriers where safety and environment protection are top priorities. We thank you for your ongoing interest, support and trust in Pioneer Marine.


Pioneer Marine Executive Management

Jim Papoulis                                        Korinna Tapaktsoglou

Chief Executive Officer                      Chief Financial Officer

Our Vision 

Zero Emissions Future

Our Vision is to be the recognized leader in the safe and efficient carriage of dry bulk commodities while leading the way to a zero emissions future

"Green Shipping"

Our Mission is to be the selected partner amongst peers based on performance, relationships, personal leadership and safety while committed to the industry's objective towards "Green Shipping"

Our Core 

Safety is our Top Priority

  • Abide by a strong Safety Culture for the benefit of  our people, our assets and our business partners
  • Operate with risk conscious mentality to avoid unexpected losses

Sustainability & Environmental Awareness

  • Opt for sustainable and environmentally friendly resources
  • Comply with industry regulations


  • Conduct operations honestly and with transparency
  • Adopt Corporate Governance best practices

Our People our Assets

  • Offer over 200 years of combined industry and public markets expertise
  • Employ innovative dynamic professionals with strong teamwork spirit

Customer Service

  • Deliver services of superior quality standards
  • Build sustainable long term relationships based on professionalism and friendly approach

Stakeholder Value

  • Maximize Stakeholder Value by emphasis on high performance and cost efficiencies


Inception of Pioneer Marine


  • Acquisition of 13 high quality secondhand handysize vessels (10 Japanese built) mainly from Japanese counterparties*
  • $75 million private placement in equity market
  • Committed financing of $119 million with CIT, ABN Amro and DVB Bank


  • Committed financing of $150.1 million from ABN Amro, Deutsche Bank and Nord LB in relation to 12 Newbuilding Contracts
  • $25 million private placement in NOTC
  • Delivery of Green Dolphin eco-design newbuilding


  • Delivery of Green Dolphin eco-design newbuilding MV Kite Bay
  • Successful termination of 10 newbuilding contracts with minimum penalties


  • Appointment of new Executive Management (Torben Janjolt, Dimitris Papoulis and Korinna Tapaktsoglou)
  • Successful restructuring of the company and transfer of headquarters to Greece


  • New credit facilities of $94 million to refinance existing facilities and new acquisitions with ABN Amro and DVB Bank


  • Expansion of Commercial Management platform


  • 2020 - Restructuring of loan facility with ABN to strengthen company’s liquidity during the pandemic
  • 2021 – Due to major shareholder’s decision to exit from the investment, the Executive Management and affiliated investors acquired 8 vessels from the existing fleet, (with the support of Apollo Asset Limited – Norway) along with the management companies of the group. Moreover, the
    company managed to expand its commercial platform by adding 6 more vessels (current size of managed fleet: 14 handies)
  • 2022 – Establishment of in-house Technical Department (8 vessels under management)
  • 2022 – Executive Management finalized Management buy-out process by acquiring 83% of Pioneer Marine Inc.